Managing health and safety at work


Managing health and safety at work

Creating a healthy workplace is largely a matter of common sense. Most people are aware of what can cause harm or ill health, and the measures that may be needed to deal with them.

In a small business this may involve producing a few checklists and simple instructions for staff to identify the main issues and actions that are needed to operate safely.

For a larger or more complex business, especially one with several sites, a structured approach is needed. This will involve written management systems and procedures to ensure everyone understands what is required and to promote consistency across the business.

When assessing what needs to be done, you need to consider:

Health and safety risk assessments

Producing a safety policy

Appointing a competent person

Accidents and incidents

Health and safety training

Consultation with employees

Health and safety emergencies

Safe systems

These factors are covered by the Management of Health and Safety Regulations 1999.

The HSE have produced the 'Managing for Health and Safety' (HSG65) which provides more detailed guidance on how to comply with the regulations. The guide is available to download or buy from Managing for Health and Safety

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