Feedback on Vision


Feedback on Vision

What people have told us about the Council's vision in the draft Corporate Plan. This article will be updated with new responses.


This is what local people said about the Council's vision for 2021, in the draft Corporate Plan.

We asked which parts of the vision were the MOST IMPORTANT.

  • 73% selected managing our outstanding countryside and coastline
  • 62% selected greater economic prosperity
  • 41% attracting and retaining young people
  • 35% tackling deprivation
  • 32% housing people in homes that are warm and have modern facilities
  • 32% opportunities to take part and sport and cultural facilities
  • 28% enhanced confidence public safety
  • 26% a local identity that welcomes all people
  • 20% individuals and groups are able to take responsibility

We asked which parts of the vision were the LEAST IMPORTANT.

  • 30% selected a local identity that welcomes all people
  • 27% enhanced confidence in public safety
  • 27% sport and cultural activities
  • 24% individuals and groups able to take responsibility
  • 16% attracting and retaining young people
  • 16% homes that are warm and have modern facilities
  • 11% tackling deprivation
  • 5% greater economic prosperity
  • 2% managing our outstanding countryside and coastline.

Countryside and coastline - we've had comments about preserving green space, planning permission for building, flooding, seafronts, tourism, attracting new residents and attracting new businesses.

Economic prosperity - we've had comments about a stronger economy delivering the rest of the vision, jobs and linking retaining young people with economic prosperity.

Deprivation - we've had comments about poverty, fuel poverty, the impact of jobs and a stronger economy on deprivation and the causes of deprivation.

Sport and Culture - there are two groups of people. There are people who see sport and culture as important for attracting younger people, creating jobs and prosperity, supporting tourism, reducing anti-social behaviour, preserving the local heritage, good for health, etc.  There are people who consider sport and culture as 'nice to have' but not a priority in difficult economic times and not where the Council should spend time and money.

Questions on Our Vision

Most questions debate the responsibility of the District Council.  Some people are challenging whether our vision for the district should include things that the District Council does not directly provide or deliver.  What do you think?

Crime, anti-social behaviour and preventing crime are the responsibility of district councils.  The law puts the responsibility equally on the police and local authorities.

The Council directly works on the public safety in areas such as environmental health (food, pollution, taxi licensing, etc.), safe housing, litter and fly tips, parks and playgrounds.

We have also included road safety in this area, although the district council is not responsible for roads, footpaths or on-street car parking.

Local Identity that is Welcoming to All - some people thought the Council meant branding, marketing or a local brand identity.  This was not the case.  We were talking about communities where people feel they belong to their neighbourhood and to Rother and are welcoming to all sorts of people in their communities.

We have consulted on a local brand for Bexhill, which was part of the consultation on the Bexhill Town Centre Strategy .


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