Budget and Council Tax 2014


Budget and Council Tax 2014

The results of the consultation on the budget and options on Council Tax for 2014/5.

Council Budget for 2014/15: Council Tax Rise or Freeze?

The Council consulted on its decision whether to continue to freeze the Council Tax for a fourth year in a row.  Or, the option was to raise the district council part of the Council Tax with a modest charge of £3.12 for a Band D household for the year.

The consultation was open up to the full Council meeting on 24 February 2014.

The Council's final decision was to freeze its part of Council Tax for the financial year 2014/15. 

You can read more in the report and minutes of the Cabinet 10 February 2014

An interim or progress report was given to Cabinet with a summary of the consultation responses. The consultation report is available as an appendix to the budget report on the Cabinet agenda.

You can read the minutes of the full meeting of Full Council 24 February 2014

In the budget report for full Council there is a reference to the results of the consultation.

We had over 300 responses to the consultation.

The final result was:

  • 69% of responders were prepared to see a rise in Council Tax at 6p a week or £3.12 for the year.
  • The most popular stated reasons were:
    • to protect and keep valued services and
    • the amount was small and reasonable.
  • 31% of respondents wanted to freeze Council Tax.
  • The most popular stated reasons were:
    • other bills were rising above income
    • respondents didn't want their Council Tax to rise as well.
    • some respondents believed the Council could and should make further cuts to services and functions and increase charges to service users.

Rother District Council only has 11% of the total Council Tax bill.

  • Most of the Council Tax goes to East Sussex County Council, who voted recently to increase their part of the Council Tax.
  • The remainder is paid to Sussex Police and East Sussex Fire and Rescue.
  • These organisations have also increased their part of the Council Tax.
  • All the increases are less than 2%.

Rother District Council has had a 30% cut or £2 million in its funding from the Government since 2010.  Over the next 4 years we already know that another £2 million will have to be cut from the budget.  All services are likely to be affected.

The Council undertook cuts in 2011:

  • reducing office space down from three to two main buildings and
  • losing 17% of staff through voluntary redundancy, read more in the

In 2013 the Council has:

  • cut a further 30 staff, through voluntary and compulsory redundancy,
  • partnered up with other Councils to provide services together,
  • moved more services on-line,
  • reduced costs and
  • moved charges to service users instead of council tax payers.

The most recent round of cuts will change what the Council can do in the future.

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