Rubbish and recycling update

We are working late to collect your waste and recycling!

If your road is shown below, please note that we will be working until 7pm on the 14 August to clear your rubbish. Please leave your bins at the collection point for us to collect.


Marley Lane, Battle

Butchers Lane, Three Oaks

Redriff, Rock Lane, Three Oaks

Austen Way, Guestling

Pebsham Lane, Bexhill

Wilkins Way, Bexhill

Nazareth Gardens, Bexhill

Chapel Walk, Bexhill

The Mews, Bexhill

Paradise Walk, Bexhill

James Walk, Bexhill

Milland Close, Bexhill

Alford Way, Bexhill

Roundacres Way, Bexhill

Wrestwood Road, Bexhill

Camber Close, Bexhill

Worsham Lane, Bexhill

Filsham Drive, Bexhill

Top Cross Road, Bexhill

Buckholt Avenue, Bexhill

Diana Close, Bexhill

Pebsham Drive, Bexhill

Bramlea Close, Bexhill


Horns Corner, Catsfield

The Green, Catsfield

Skinners Lane, Catsfield

The Stream, Catsfield

Netherfield Road, Netherfield

Netherfield Way, Netherfield

Eatenden Lane, Netherfield

Ashcombe Drive, Bexhill

Wellesley Close, Bexhill

Jarvis Brook Close, Bexhill

Falconbury Drive, Bexhill

Effingham Drive, Bexhill

Glebe Close, Bexhill

Heighton Close, Bexhill

Carmel Close, Bexhill

Saltdean Way, Bexhill

Saltdean Close

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