Household recycling in Rother


Change to recycling under new waste contract starting 29th June 2019

From 29 June - do not use your glass recycling box. Please put your glass recycling in your main recycling bin, and Tetra Pak cartons (used for long lasting milk, juice, soup etc) in your household waste bin. Tetra Pak can no longer be recycled in this area so instead will be sent to Newhaven Energy Recover facility with the rest of our household waste.

Household recycling in Rother

Here in Rother we are keen for residents to recycle as much as possible and hope the following pages will help make it as easy as possible.

Below is a list of the material groups that can be recycled here in Rother. Click on the image of a material to learn more about what items you can and cannot recycle and where you can recycle them. Lastly don't forget to clean,empty and squash items before recycling them.

            Plastic bottles

Pots, tubs, trays and other plastics   

plastic bottles recycling

Pots, tubs, trays and other plastic recycling





Tins, cans and Foil            

Glass recycling

Tins, cans & foil recycling






Cardboard recycling Paper recycling


       Beverage cartons (not recyclable from 29th June 2019)


       Batteries & WEEE

                                 Beverage carton recycling

Batteries and WEEE recycling


              Textiles (bring sites only)

      Garden Waste (brown bin subscription)

Textiles recycling

Garden waste recycling



 Can I do even more?


        Reduce, re use and recycle






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