Rother Citizens Panel


Rother Citizens Panel

Join Rother Citizens Panel if you like to have your say about local issues and Council services.

What is Rother Citizens Panel?

The Panel are hundreds of people who live in Rother and want to have their say with Rother District Council.  Sometimes, they take part in research from Rother District Council and its partners. 

Our Panel members tell the Council a bit about themselves.  They tell the Council how to contact them.  We try to match who is in the Citizens Panel to the different type of people who live in Rother.  This is so that the Panel can represent all the different types of people who live in Rother. 

The Council sends the Panel members links to current consultation web pages.  We could call and ask questions on the telephone.  From time to time, we ask some panel members to come and talk in small groups.  The Council gives feedback to the Panel members.  We tell them what they and other people have said in consultations and customer research.   Main contact is through email and our Facebook group (closed group, Panel members apply to join).  You don't have to be a member of Facebook or join the Facebook group.

We do consultations and research four to six times a year, on average.  We think 2020 will be a busy year.  You do not have to take part in every activity or opportunity. 

You can join the conversation on Twitter -

Taking New Members Now

We need more local residents aged under 60 as new members.  There are not enough people aged 16 to 59 on the Panel.  This is  compared to the amount of people in that age group living in Rother.   Residents aged 60 and over may be placed on a waiting list.  At least until we get more members under 60.

We need more women, of all ages, to join the Panel.   There are not enough women on the Panel. This is compared to the amount of women living in Rother.  We still accept applications from men aged 16 to 59.  But, men 60 and older may be placed on a waiting list until we get more women members.

We need more people from non-white backgrounds to join the panel.  There are not enough people who are black, Asian and mixed heritages on the panel.   We will still accept applications from white British residents.  Other white applicants may be placed on a waiting list. At least until we get more black, Asian and other ethnic groups as members. 

We need a few more people who live in Bexhill to join the Panel.  There are not quite enough Bexhill residents on the Panel. 47% of Rother's residents live in Bexhill-on-Sea.  But, we would still like to have more members who live in rural Rother, Battle and Rye.

The only people who live in Rother and can't join the Panel are the elected members of Rother District Council.  This is because the councillors are on the council that are doing the consulting.  They will get to debate the issues and make decisions, taking into account what you have said. 

If you do not live in Rother you cannot join Rother Citizens Panel.

Join by filling out this online form

Any Questions?   If you have any questions please contact us at

Current Activity:

The Citizens Panel got an email inviting them to take part in the budget consultation. This runs to 31 January 2020.  Take part here

Our Citizens Panel took part in a trial for a new recycling service in October and November 2019.  It is for recycling old electric and electronic items.  They helped us find out what worked, what didn't work and where problems might come up.  We have been told all households can have the service soon. 


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