Council Budget 2017


Council Budget 2017

This was our consultation on our revenue budget for 2017/18, including potential changes to the Council Tax charge. This consultation was for businesses, Council Tax payers and residents in Rother.

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2017/18 Budget and Council Tax Consultation

Consultation opened on 11 November 2016 and closed 6 January 2017. 

  • 355 individual responses
  • 9% more than our last budget consultation
  • 6 out of 10 respondents said they were prepared to see a rise in Council Tax by an average of £5 for a Band D property.

Read the final report at Appendix 3 on the budget report that went to  Overview and Scrutiny Committee on 30 January 2017.  (Minutes are published on the same article.)

The Frequently Asked Questions article was updated on 2 December.  We have over 200 responses from residents and two responses from local organisations but nothing yet from local businesses or business organisations.

Your invitation to have your say

Residents, businesses and other organisations in Rother were invited to have their say on the Council's budgets for the financial year 2017/18 and in particular, on the amount of Council Tax residents would pay in 2017/18. What you told us helped us make our final decision.

We want to protect your services

With significant cuts in government funding since 2011, Rother District Council has worked hard to maintain the services our residents have told us are important to them. We have filled funding gaps through savings, new partnerships and by reducing waste and inefficiency. We reduced our staff by one third and our offices by a similar amount, since 2011. This approach will continue.

We will also:

  • look at generating new sources of income,
  • invest in technology so people who can help themselves have the right tools
  • and look to others to help us deliver lower priority services.

Income from Council Tax is essential to support the costs of delivering our day-to-day operations such as waste collection, street cleaning, leisure, planning and many more services (listed here). To protect services, the Council was considering whether to freeze or increase Council Tax for the financial year 2017/18.

The options we considered were:

  1. Raise the Council Tax by £5 a year based on a Band D property. This would increase the amount of Council Tax Rother receive from £164.32 to £169.32 a year.
  2. Freeze the Council Tax at its current level. That would mean we would have to find other ways to make savings from the services we deliver.
  3. Raise the Council Tax by less than £5 a year and find any shortfall from somewhere else.

We wanted you to tell us:

  • Which option you would choose and why?
  • How you think money raised through Council Tax should be spent?
  • Which services are most important to you and why?
  • Which services you think the Council could stop in order to make savings and why?

All of your responses were used to help Rother District Council make decisions about the 2017/18 Budget and Council Tax.

Want to know more information?  We recommended reading  more information here  and Here are our answers to questions we've been sent so far

Give us your answer in our online survey here: SURVEY LINK REMOVED - no longer live

Email any questions to  during the consultation period.

Write to:

Council Budget Consultation

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