Collective Energy Switching


Collective Energy Switching

Energy switching scheme heralds cheaper fuel bills.

Residents in Rother could get cheaper energy bills through collective switching scheme iChoosr. Since Rother District Council first supported the scheme in 2013, on average 200 Rother residents have switched energy providers every year. Residents have saved a total of £122,707.00 on their energy bills over the past 7 years.

Who are iChoosr?

iChoosr are an organisation that arranges group purchase schemes to help households get cheaper fuel tariffs.

How does it work?

Households register to participate in the next bidding scheme online. Registration is free, quick and easy. You will just be asked for name, address, contact details, the name of your current supplier, tariff and energy consumption; all information that can be found on your fuel bill. You are under no obligation to accept the offered energy tariff and your details will not be shared with potential new suppliers. If you choose to accept the deal, the entire switching process will be taken care of by iChoosr. At certain times of the year the company organises auctions for qualified suppliers to bid against each other to offer the best energy rates. The supplier that provides the cheapest rate wins the bid and all those registered households can benefit from switching to that lower energy rate.

Why switch?

A major contributing factor to fuel poverty is the cost of fuel. Electric and gas prices have increased year on year and households may choose to restrict the use of heating in order to save money to pay for other essentials if they are on a low income. Rother wants to maximise the promotion of iChoosr to its residents to help reduce fuel costs.

What next?

Register your interest and find out more information either online at or by calling the free helpline on 0800 048 8285. Alternatively, you can register and get a quote online at or by calling the free helpline on 0800 952 0001.

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